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Oshi Bitcoin Casino

Oshi Bitcoin Casino Review

Oshi joined the competitive world of online casinos in November 2015 and over just a few months, they have done much to gain their market share. Initially, the operator was purely targeted towards Cryptocurrency users but in the present day, players can also fund with Euros as well as Bitcoins.

With a range of software providers and some healthy promotions up for grabs, it’s certainly worth looking at Oshi Bitcoin Casino a little more closely.

Bonuses and Promotions

New players at Oshi can look forward to a four-tiered bonus system that can ultimately return an extra 6BTC or, if you’re playing with FIAT money, the equivalent is 300 Euros. From there, the operator looks to reward loyalty with daily and weekly reloads but here’s how things work in those initial stages.

Step 1
100% match up to 100 Euros or 2BTC
(Oshi also promise a surprise bonus at this point which will be revealed via e-mail)

Step 2
25% match up to 1500mBTC or 75 EUR

Step 3
25% match up to 2000mBTC / 100 EUR

Step 4
25% match up to 2500mBTC / 125 EUR

At each step there are minimum deposit requirements and rollover terms so be sure to check these and all other terms and conditions via the relevant page on the Oshi website.

As for the reloads, the daily deals are randomly selected so you will need to log in to your account each day to see just what is available. These have ranged from a 100% match up to 250% and can also include free spins so are definitely worth checking out.

Weekly reloads are applied on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and are listed at 50% match, 25 Free Spins and 50% match respectively so clearly they are a generous set of offers with Oshi looking to reward both new and existing customers alike.

Games and Software

SoftSwiss, BetSoft, NetEnt, Microgaming and Amatic are all represented at Oshi and if you are already familiar with these casino software providers, then you’ll know that a big selection of games awaits.

Of that list, NetEnt and Microgaming are perhaps the most familiar but the combined presence means that all your favourite slots are here, together with all expected variants of roulette plus blackjack, baccarat and other card and table games. In addition, live dealers are available on the blackjack table for those who like a little more interaction.

Payments and Support

Aside from the usual Bitcoin processes, anyone looking to fund their Oshi account with FIAT money can find Skrill, Neteller and PaySafeCard listed among the eWallets.

Withdrawals and deposits can also be made via all of the major debit and credit cards.

Clicking on the Contact button reveals a brief list of FAQs but for those wanting assistance straight away, a live chat operator is provided. Additionally, you can contact customer support via a webmail so the most preferred help options are clearly covered.

Licenses and Security

Oshi are licensed in Curacao and are transparent in this sense as full details are openly available on the website. As a Bitcoin provider, they subscribe to the guidelines that make them Provably Fair and they also possess an iTech labs certificate that underlines their site security.

As a final endorsement, Oshi have been awarded the AskGamblers certificate of trust.


In less than a year, Oshi casino has done much to impress and for anyone whose main criteria is a hefty welcome bonus, this is covered by the four tier system. It’s also good to see a new provider looking after existing customers and the reloads here are among the most generous on the market.

Bonuses are important but a great set of games plus openness and trust are further reasons why Oshi ticks so many boxes.

Betchain Casino Logo

The Best Things In Life Start With The Letter B

Nothing better than a word starting with the letter ‘b’. This letter has given us words like ‘bitcoin’, ‘best’, ‘beer’, ‘burgers’, ‘bacon’, ‘boobs’, ‘bonuses’, and of course, BetChain! To celebrate the letter ‘b’, BetChain has restructured its welcome bonus to provide a better gaming experience for its clients. Come and join BetChain as it releases its brand new 100% + 50 Free Spin welcome bonus, and join the believers who know that the greatest jackpot in online gaming history is right around the corner.

In order to be able to enjoy your welcome bonus, you just have to make a deposit, and you will immediately see your 100% + 50 Free Spin credit on your account. This bonus is good for any deposit up to 1BTC/$100/€100. So make sure you sign up and get your big bonus bringing you a record breaking bitcoin jackpot before someone else beats you to it!

Bring your bitcoin winnings to the next level by taking advantage of all the other great bonuses that BetChain has to offer beyond the welcome bonus. Once your account is up and running, our incredible customer care staff will keep hitting you with huge b’s every day of the week. Get your hands on the third deposit bonus, or on our early bird special. You can even get the happy hour and the night owl bonuses to give you all the boosters necessary for you to hit those jackpots.

Remember, all you have to do is login and deposit. BetChain will give you that great 100% + 50 Free Spin bonus, and will keep all the other bonuses coming your way. So what are you waiting for? You know that there is no better time than now to start winning big, so bring your hand over to the mouse and start billing those jackpots!


MoneyPot Review

Today we're taking a look at Although it' is not a Bitcoin gambling website as such, it is in tight relation with huge number of Bitcoin games and casinos. How so? Read on to find out what MoneyPot is really about.

Bitcoin web wallet - specialized in gambling

As a Bitcoin web wallet, MoneyPot is actually a gateway to numerous gambling sites (or as they like to call them: 'casino apps'), while keeping things simple and easy for their users. Your Bitcoins are in one place, and you transfer them instantly to any of casino and gaming websites which feature MoneyPot integration. Makes a lot of sense to us. This way, user can be certain that they are depositing their funds to a trusted website, which than handles the rerouting on user's command. The number of websites which use MoneyPot as their bankroll gateway varies. Earlier there were dozens of them, today the number is smaller. Reason for this is simple – some of game providers probably just don't exist any more because they didn't attract enough players. However, the ones that are still there are among some of the top rated Bitcoin gaming sites regarding the wagered volume in their respective categories.

How does it work?

Things are pretty much straighforward for an awerage user. You open your MoneyPot account and deposit Bitcoins to your unique address. After that, you find a game you'd like to play, and authorize that app to be able to access the coins you have in your account. Then you simply move Bitcoins from MoneyPot to that app and other way around.


MoneyPot developers seem to have gave a lot of thought when it comes to security. Besides standard username/password combination, there is also a two-factor authentication which is highly recommended. Also, users can always review the time, IP address and location of each login to their account. Users are notified when someone tries to login with their password, but fails to pass the 2FA. Another thing that we like, is ability to log out current sessions from your dashboard.

Investment opportunity

If one has certain amount of Bitcoins in his MoneyPot account, and wont' be playing for a while – it's OK to keep them there and use MoneyPot as on-line wallet (note: the author of this text doesn't recommend keeping your Bitcoins anywhere online). However, one thing that does look interesting, is investing those coins in MoneyPot bankroll and get a chance to earn something extra.


We actually really like this innovative concept as it makes perfect sense to have your gambling funds in one place and to be able to move them fast between your wallet and games/casinos – without having to wait for withdrawal approvals or risk depositing to shady websites. Only thing we wish for the future, it that some of the most popular Bitcoin (and altcoin) gambling websites embrace this unique approach.

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